How It Works

The short version: Each day you make a post. This will replace your existing post. If you don't write a new post within a day*, the current one will disappear. Every day you write without missing, you increase your “streak”, which is the number of days in a row you have written on the site. We also keep track of your best streak.

*OK, the one post a day isn't entirely accurate. There's a little bit of leeway because it would be a little unfair to demand you post exactly once every twenty-four hours. So, here are the rules:

  1. When you make a post, you can edit it for an hour. Because spelling mistakes suck. Technically, you could therefore write dozens of posts in the first hour, but that would be a bit weird.
  2. Apart from the editing window, you can't make a new post for another 18 hours. This means if you last posted at 11pm, you can still post a new thing early the next evening, rather than forcing you to always be nocturnal.
  3. Your post will expire 36 hours after posting. Again, this is so you're not forced to always write a new post within 24 hours, which would cause a slow drift to having to post earlier and earlier each day. People will still be able to see your current post for the 36 hours.

The site genuinely does overwrite your last post each day, there is no archiving happening. If you write something profound and want to keep it, you should make your own copy.