OK, no one has frequently asked these yet, but here are some possible things you might wonder about.

What's with the avatars?

Because it's super easy, we use Gravatar for displaying avatars. If you don't have a gravatar, it will generate one of those wee monsters for you. With a Gravatar account, you can upload any image you want against your email address which will be used across the web.

Streaking? Propping?

Your streak is how many days in a row you have posted to Single Update without the previous post expiring. We show both your current streak and your longest streak.

Propping is like favouriting a post. Each time a new post is made, the prop count is reset. We show how many props your current post has, as well as the total you've ever received and the highest number you ever received on a single post.

Who made this?

Stuart Gibson. You might know me from Twitter (@stuartgibson) or for making wee sites like TwitLonger and FavedApp.